Washington Fair Chance Act- What is it?

The Washington Fair Chance Act was signed into law this week by Governor Jay Inslee. Referred to as “ban the box” by supporters, this law prohibits employers from asking about arrests or convictions until after the employer determines if the applicant is otherwise qualified for the position. Exceptions include law enforcement, state agencies, schools and other jobs that work with children or vulnerable adults.

More than one million people living in Washington State have a criminal record. Nationwide 11 states and 150 cities have adopted a similar concept.

The main goal is to prohibit excluding someone with a criminal history solely based on that fact if they are otherwise qualified during the initial screenings. Many qualified applicants can be discouraged from applying for a position if they need to check a box saying they have a past history with the law.

Another goal of this legislature is to help ex-offenders fine productive employment. The idea is if they are able to make a living wage, provide for their families and have work then they are less likely to re-offend or turn to criminal activities.

You can read more about the bill and what supporters believe are the benefits here.

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