Sex Crimes

If you or a loved one are under investigation, or have been charged with a sex crime in Tacoma Pierce County Washington, or surrounding areas, then you must have a vigorous defense right from the start. Being accused of a sex crime has a very serious potential of impacting your life in detrimental ways. Even a wrongful accusation of a sex crime can ruin a career.

Charles A Johnston criminal defense attorney in Tacoma has experience in successfully defending sex crime cases such as:

  • Sexual assault

  • Date rape

  • Statutory rape

  • Child molestation

  • Child rape

  • Internet child pornography

  • Online solicitation of a minor

  • Violation Sex Offender registration laws

  • Indecent exposure

  • Promoting or engaging in prostitution

  • Juvenile sex crimes

  • Possession of child pornography

Prosecutors are more likely to file and prosecute the cases they feel have a strong chance of winning, should the case go all the way to trial. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney defending you or your loved on in a sex crime case in the earliest moments can have greatest benefits in dealing with the prosecutors and the courts.

Your sex crime case shouldn’t be left to public defenders. Even though they may believe in your case, and want the best outcome for you, they just don’t have the time and resources to invest in your defense and in your case the way your private criminal defense attorney will.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a sex crime, call Charles A Johnston criminal defense attorney immediately.