Law Firm Testimonials

“Early this year, in a very frightening situation, my boyfriend pulled a gun on me and threatened me.  When I was able to, I called 911 to report the incident and request help.  I was able to flee from the house without being seriously injured.

The local police department arrived and after a discussion and search of my boyfriend’s house, which revealed that he was intoxicated, had a handgun which was loaded with a round in the chamber and was not locked in the gun box, the City of Tacoma had determined that I had somehow fabricated the situation when I called 911 and charged me with Obstruction of Justice.

I was confused that I could be charged with an offense arising from a situation where I felt that I was the victim.

I met with Mr. Johnston.  He agreed with me and assured me that he would do everything possible to make sure that I was not convicted as charged.  At my arraignment, he made a motion for the charge to be dismissed.  The Judge did not dismiss the charge at that point, but he did not set bail or put any conditions or restrictions upon me.  Next, Mr. Johnston filed a motion to have the charge dismissed.  He explained to me that if the City could not convince the court that it could prove the charge to a reasonable jury then the court would dismiss the charge.  He had cautioned me that these types of motions are usually denied, but he felt confident in my case.

The day came for our motion hearing and the City did not even challenge our motion and dismissed the charge.  I was extremely pleased that the charge was dismissed without the emotional turmoil and cost of a trial and with Mr. Johnston’s work and would recommend him to anyone.” ~ K.K.


“I was recently charged with trespassing.  A friend of mine had driven onto what we believed to be property that was lawful for us to collect firewood, and after we had worked a couple of hours cutting and loading firewood onto the back of my friend’s truck, we were contacted by law enforcement officials who informed us that we were trespassing and would be charged with a crime.

I had never been in trouble before and regardless of our attempts to explain to the law enforcement officers that we did not know that it would be illegal for us to collect firewood in the area that we were in, they would not listen to us.

The area was one in which a logging company had logged the trees earlier and there was an abundant amount of wood just lying on the ground which appeared to us to be simply rotting away.  We thought we were doing not only a service to the landowner by removing the wood, but it would result in us actually using the wood and not letting it go to waste.

We hired Mr. Johnston to represent us.  He answered all our questions and made us feel comfortable with the process and expressed his opinion on how the matter would be resolved.

He was able to negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor, in which we would not go to jail, but have the charges dismissed with the passage of time.  It was very important to my friend and me that we be able to maintain a clean record and our good names in the community since we have taken pride in our law-abiding behavior our entire lives.

We were extremely pleased with the representation we received from Mr. Johnston and would recommend him to our family, friends, or anyone.” ~ SR


“I am a 79 year old who has had four prior DUIs.  In the fall of 2012, I received another DUI.  I had been doing well in maintaining my sobriety since 2007, but – I had a relapse.  I was extremely concerned that I would have to go to jail, and based upon my age and various medical problems, the thought of going to jail was frightening.

Mr. Johnston assured me that he would do everything possible to keep me out of jail and felt that one way or another that was a goal we could achieve.

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Johnston because he was able to resolve my DUI without me having to spend even a minute in jail.

Additionally, when I had provided proof to the court that I had completed a 6 month relapse alcohol treatment program, which I was more than happy to attend and complete because it was needed, Mr. Johnston convinced the court to close my file, even though court had originally taken 5 years of jurisdiction over me.

The court closed the file, I am under no obligation to any court, and that is a tremendous feeling.  Mr. Johnston did a fantastic job and I would recommend his services to anyone.” ~ R.J