Fewer Juveniles Tried in Adult Court Under New Law

Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed a new law that removes a handful of crimes from the list of auto-decline offenses extending juvenile jurisdiction for those crimes to age 25. The sentences for these crimes will include time served in juvenile rehabilitation facilities instead of state prisons.

Additionally, for violent offenses, such as murder, rape and aggravated assault, county prosecutors can use discretion to decide which of these 16/17 year olds will be tried as adults.

Senate Bill 6160, the bill signed by the governor last month, removes first-degree robbery, drive-by shooping, first-degree burglary if has a prior offense, and any violent crime committed with a firearm from the list of crimes that can automatically send 16 and 17 years into the adult criminal system. It does not affect youth committing crime after age 18.

Read more about the specifics here.

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