Domestic Violence

Have you been charged with domestic violence in Tacoma Pierce County Washington? Many misconceptions surround this type of criminal charge. Even if the person who made the original charge wishes to have these charges dropped, the matter can be out of their control. Once a domestic violence charge has been made, you need to immediately seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Charles Johnston.

There can be many surrounding issues to consider when charged with domestic violence. Restraining orders, children, elderly or others in the home and professional licenses to name a few. Once a domestic violence charge is made, it is very important to have the 30+ years of criminal defense experience on your side, and that is what Charles Johnston and his team bring to your case.

Domestic violence cases can have very emotionally charged issues involved, and often include others we care about. Sometimes in these cases one might tend to place their own defense somewhere lower on the priority list. But your criminal defense attorney Charles Johnston won’t do that. He will make your defense, and it’s most favorable outcome, the most important and the highest priority. And the earlier you get your lawyer on the case, the better the outcome can be for you and your loved ones.