Cheers to Summer Fun

Happy unofficial start of Summer! You are probably looking forward to sunny days, longer nights, outdoor events, weddings, block parties, festivals, you name it! The relaxation and fun events of the summer, many times will involve drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, summer becomes a time of drinking incidents and DUIs.

Take the proper steps to prevent alcohol related accidents by following these steps for a safe (and fun) summer.

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Always have a designated driver

Summer holidays are some of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) every 45 minutes someone dies in an alcohol related crash. The summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a time when unfortunately many of these tragedies occur. Each holiday has on average 500 deaths, the majority of them linked to drinking.

DUIs also increase throughout the summer as well. Law enforcement officials do more patrolling due to the increase of drunk drivers during this season.

Before heading out to that 4th of July Bonfire or BBQ, decide who will be the designated sober driver for the night. If you don’t have a DD, take alternative methods of transportation including taxis or UBER.


Stay hydrated

Summer brings warmer weather and coupling drinking with hot summer days can lead to dehydration or heat stroke. Make every other drink you have water. If you are having a party, make sure to offer non-alcoholic drinks in addition to alcoholic.

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Be Cautious on the Water

Summer plans involve boating, swimming, fishing and other water activities. Adding alcohol to these activities is extremely dangerous. Alcohol is involved in about 60% of boating fatalities. If the boat driver has been drinking, they will have reduced judgment, slower reaction time, and reduced vision. Alcohol can also inhibit your swallowing and breathing reflexes and make swimming dangerous.

Do Not Allow Underage Drinking

Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal. Although you may know your college kid or high school senior has been drinking with friends, never allow drinking in your home. Parents need to be aware this is against the law. Although you may feel safer at home than in a more dangerous setting, being supportive of breaking the law is not setting a good example.

If you think your child (underage) may be drinking, make sure to discuss with them the dangers and risks of doing so.


Monitor Your Friends

Keep an eye out for your friends if you are going out for a night of drinking. Hold each other accountable. Do not let your friends  get behind the wheel if they appear intoxicated. Help them find a safe ride home or let them stay on your couch for the night until they sober up.

In addition, don’t force people to drink. If your friend has expressed that they will not be drinking, respect their choice. Encouraging a very intoxicated person to continue drinking is also a major DON’T. Ordering a drunk individual another round is dangerous.



These are a few tips for how to partake in summer drinking in a safe, healthy way. Limit your alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, and always use a designated driver to safely get home after a night out.




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