Assault is a very serious charge. A conviction could result in punishment ranging from anger management classes to years of incarceration in prison. As a violent crime, it could qualify as a “three strikes” conviction.

Assault charges can be made against people even when there is no actual physical injury. Early investigation and trial preparation is important in preparing a winning defense. As one of the most experienced criminal defense trial lawyers in the Tacoma area, Charles Johnston and team should be called as soon as possible to begin preparing your case. We are totally committed to protecting your rights.

Don’t rely on an overburdened public defender, and don’t loose hope. Experience in criminal defense is what you need, and attorney Charles Johnston and his team are among the most experienced in the Tacoma and Puget Sound area. The experience of knowing and working with the prosecutors and judges every day for over 30 years can have significant effect on the eventual outcome of the case against you.

There are four degrees of assault in Washington:

  • Assault in the 1st degree

  • Assault in the 2nd degree

  • Assault in the 3rd degree

  • Assault in the 4th degree

While assault in the 1st degree is the most serious, even a conviction for assault in the 4th degree can have a life long impact on you. If you have been charged with assault, take this seriously, and hire a serious and experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and get you the best outcome.