Arson Defense

If you have been charged with arson in Tacoma, Washington or Pierce County, you need a criminal lawyer to intervene as quickly as possible. Investigation during the pre-trial period will help to uncover information and evidence that could be in your favor, and might help lead to a much better outcome for you.

Preparing a successful defense against arson charges begins with collecting information and evidence as if your case was going all the way to trial. This pre trial investigation has the goal of presenting reasonable doubt to a jury of your peers.

Reasonable doubt plays a role in dealing with the prosecution too. Prosecutors are most likely to pursue cases they feel there is a good chance of winning. Bringing your experienced criminal defense attorney into your case in the earliest moments can have great benefits in dealing with the prosecutors.

Overworked public defenders are far less likely to invest the time and resources in your defense as your private criminal defense attorney. Arson is a very serious criminal charge, and can be made in both state and federal courts. It can result in severe punishment. Sometimes people charged with arson can have other criminal charges made against them too. This can result in a very complex case.

Charles Johnston is one of the most experienced criminal trial lawyers in the area. With a life long focus in criminal law, he has successfully defended people accused of arson.