Tacoma Lawyer

Tacoma criminal defense lawyer

Charles A. Johnston has been providing high quality representation to individuals and businesses charged with serious crimes in State and Federal Courts for over 30 years. He has represented clients across the State of Washington, as well as in Oregon and California. Charles’ clients receive intelligent and professional guidance during critical and very stressful times in their lives.

Charles Johnston is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in Pierce County. He has a winning reputation of fighting aggressively for citizens accused of every crime, from murder to drugs and alcohol-related offenses, bringing passion and concern to every case.

If you or a loved one has been charged, or is under investigation, for a felony criminal case in Washington, misdemeanor crime in Tacoma or Pierce County, or a federal criminal case you need an expert criminal defense attorney who is:

    • experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of criminal defense
    • skilled in the courtroom at trial and pre-trial procedures
    • has a solid reputation and is well respected among judges, prosecutors and law enforcement
    • backed up by a winning team for investigation, research and technology
    • determined to fight for your rights throughout the entire process and every step along the way 

Police and prosecutors can bring a vast array of resources and highly skilled investigators to prepare a case against you. Protecting your rights can sometimes require the work of a highly skilled and experience criminal defense attorney right from the beginning. You should insist your attorney be present during any questioning, as this is your constitutional right.

Sometimes a defendant or suspect will believe that by talking to police or appearing to cooperate that this will demonstrate innocence. All too often these situations will lead to further trouble and potential charges being filed. If it’s you or a family member who is being investigated, or have been charged with a crime, than Charles Johnston criminal defense attorney should be brought in to protect your rights as early in the process as possible.